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    高精度經濟壓力變送器GEMS 2200系列

    日期:2022-07-18 16:56

    General Purpose Industrial Pressure Transducer - Vacuum to 6000 psi (400 bar)

     高精度經濟壓力變送器GEMS 2200系列(老型號P7 2200)
     2200 Series Pressure Transducer 


    Quick Specs...

    • Millivolt, Voltage and Current OutputModels
    • Gauge, Absolute, Vacuum and Compound PressureModels Available 
    • Submersible, General Purpose and Wash DownEnclosures
    • High Stability Achieved by CVD SensingElement






    Overview / DesignPrinciple:

    The2200 series pressure transducer features stabilityand accuracy in a variety of enclosure options. The 2200series pressure transducer feature proven CVD sensingtechnology, an ASIC (amplified units), and modular packaging toprovide a sensor line that can easily accommodate specials whilenot sacrificing high performance.

    Typical Applications:

    • Off Highway Vehicles
    • Natural Gas Equipment
    • Semiconductor Processing
    • Power Plants
    • Refrigeration
    • Robotics
    • HVAC

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