Object  NGC 6726 (aka) Corona Austalis  Nebula

NGC 6761, part there of, is located in the southern constellation Corona Austalis. This image depicting the area/ reflection nebulosity is charged by the light given off from the young star R Coronae Australis (partly shrouded by the dust). Classified as a Herbig Ae/Be pre-main sequence star, having 10 times the mass of our own sun, Sol. The greater molecular complex continues down the R/H corner (not shown) and is believed to be one of the closest star forming regions to us situated around 500 l.y. away.  

Date Lum-9/ 5/ 08 & RGB 27/ 6/ 08
Location BayTop Observatory- Streaky Bay South Australia
Instrument Home built 10" Newtonian (Bob Royce primary) and an Antares 1/20th wave secondary with MPCC coma corrector. System working @ native f4/ 1016 FL  1.35 arcsec/pixel- FOV  23.3x29.4
Mount Celestron CI700 controlled by a Mel Bartels Goto Control System with Vexta PK264m-01b motors with a pulley and belt system
Camera (CCD) Starlight Xpress HX916 monochrome CCD with Atik manual filter wheel.
Exposures L: 108R:33G:33B:33' [3' sub exposures all unbinned]   No dark frames removed.
Guiding Orion 80ED refractor F7.5 with a Starlight Xpress HX516 CCD. Mounted via a side by side accessory plate.                    
Filters Astronomik typeII clr  RGB filter set
Notes/ Conditions

 Conditions- Good seeing and transparency when taking the lum images. Average when taking the RGB channels.