Object  M16- Eagle nebula

M16 is situated in the star field of the constellation Serpens. It is actually the hazy looking open star cluster, embedded in the Eagle Nebula. It consists of around 60 stars of 8th mag., these are hot giants of spectral class O & B, born less than 1 million years ago. The Eagle's nebulosity is part gas, with intruding fingers of cold, dark dust cloud.  M16 lies 8000 l.y. away.

Date 16 / 5/ 05
Location BayTop Observatory- Streaky Bay South Australia
Instrument Orion ED80 refractor working @ f7.5
Mount Vixen 'GPDX' controlled by a Mel Bartels Goto System
Camera (CCD) Starlight Xpress HX516 monochrome with Hm, made filter slider
Exposures L: 90' R:30' G:30' B:30'  (5' sub exposures all unbinned)     Dark frames removed. Extinction factors applied .
Guiding  Sky Watcher-f5 ST Refractor & a Meade LPI imager attached with main scope on a home made accessory plate
Filters Astronomik Type 2   CL-.RGB set
Notes/ Conditions

 Conditions- Very heavy dew, seeing started out ok and deteriorated as did the transparency. Heavy fog moved in on the last of the blue channels. Object @ 70deg.

Both the rgb sets and lum have been 'drizzle combined' in IRIS to improve resolution and eliminate artifacts.