Object  IC 1275

IC1275 is located in the constellation of Sagittarius. It is associated with the nebulous region surrounding NGC 6559, both these areas are probably connected to the better known M8 & M20 nebula complex, but separated by dark dust lanes.

Click to SEE MOSAIC OF IC1275 & NGC 6559. The over all red hue of IC1275 is due to glowing hydrogen gas energised by the radiation of hot young stars. The blue region is from dust reflected starlight.  It is approximately 5,000 L.y. away.

Date 26 / 6/ 05
Location BayTop Observatory- Streaky Bay South Australia
Instrument Orion ED80 refractor working @ f7.5
Mount Vixen 'GPDX' controlled by a Mel Bartels Goto System
Camera (CCD) Starlight Xpress HX516 monochrome with Hm, made filter slider
Exposures L: 60' R:25' G:25' B:25'  (5' sub exposures all unbinned)     Dark frames removed. Extinction factors applied .
Guiding  Sky Watcher-f5 ST Refractor & a Meade LPI imager attached with main scope on a home made accessory plate
Filters Astronomik Type 2   CL-.RGB set
Notes/ Conditions

 Conditions-  Conditions were average, slight dew& bands of cloud passed through all evening. On doing the last of the green & blue channels the moon rose, perhaps muting the blue intensity some what. Object @70degs. Moon @73 % phase.

Both the rgb sets and lum have been 'drizzle combined' coefficient resampled to 120% in IRIS.